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Welcome To Car Rental Hungary

Hungary Car Rental in brief

Powered by VIP cars, we are a leading as well as independent car rental service provider in Hungary. You can get flexible and a friendly car rental service with us to travel around the country. You can get our services throughout the country as we have association with major suppliers such as Buchbinder, GM Carfleet, Ber elek rent and FOX Autorent. The reason for dealing with the leading car rental suppliers is that we can bring you the best rates for your bookings with us. You also get the options to choose from various pick up locations such as the Zalakaros Airport, Szombathely Airport, Ocseny Airport, Kiskunfelegyhaza Airport, Szolnok Air Base, Taszar Air Base, Fertoszentmiklos Airport, Pecs-Pogany Intl Airport, Budapest Ferihegy Intl Airport, Ferenc International Airport, Debrecen Intl Airport and the Sarmellek Intl Airport.

About Hungary

Hungary is mainly a landlocked country which is in the Central part of Europe. It is basically situated in the Carpathian Basin part and is mainly surrounded by Slovakia to its northern region, Ukraine as well as Romania to its east, Serbia as well as Croatia to its southern region, Slovenia to its southwestern part and finally Austria to its west. The country's main capital as well as the largest city is Budapest. Hungary is an important member of the European Union, NATO and last but not the least the OECD, the Visegrád Group. The official language which is commonly spoken is Hungarian which is also called as Magyar and is considered as a part of the Finno-Ugric group. Hungary is well known for its excellent mathematics education. You can also use our car rental service in Hungary to visit its main cities such as Budapest, Szeged, Zalaegerszeg, Sopron and Eger.

How to reach Hungary

Hungary is the gateway to both Central as well as Eastern Europe. The country is under approach from various parts of the world. You can go to Hungary by direct flights which are there for Budapest and from there you can get other scheduled as well as non scheduled flights for the destination. You can also use the rail option to reach Hungary. The express rail services are always available for destinations like London, St. Petersburg and Istanbul. The road option is the best one to get into use to drive around the country. But for this you should have a driving permit. Otherwise, you have a better option to use our car rental service in Hungary and have a wonderful trip.

Hungary attractions / Things to do

Hungary is a country which has a power to attract its tourists by its beautiful attractions around. You can have a dazzling experience around The Lake Tisza with its untouched water life and peaceful beaches. The Esztergom is mainly a small town which is a home to the largest church. At the Municipal State Circus in Budapest, you can have fun with the acrobats, clowns as well as trapeze artists then this is where you should be. The House of the Terror is mainly a startling museum with a ghastly history. It has fore walls had a double thickness to mute all the screams. The Cruise on the Danube is a very good way to get an overview of whole Budapest region. If you want to do shopping, the Market Hall is the best place for you. The Margharet Island is also reachable from the two main bridges named as the Marghit Hid and the Arpad Hid which connects it to the mainland. You should also visit the Heroes' Square using our car rental service in Hungary and enjoy the fascinating spa options here. The Szentendre and the Parliament Buildings in Budapest are a must to visit. It is the largest building in the whole city.

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